Customer Satisfaction: Top quality support services is necessary for any enterprise: perfectly handled, moving income and also customer support. On the other hand, at the least odd, the objective could be totally demolished.


We already proved our expertise on restaurant operations. Our own restaurant chain “PAPRIKA” is famous for the best at service and its awesome food got huge popularity everywhere.

Team “TRIPPLE A” is going to set up another restaurant chain, “SEVEN NIGHTS” besides “PAPRIKA” and some specialty restaurants of Indian regional foods. We do team up with other hotels and restaurants to run by us as partner.

Eat with the Eye 
  Eat with the Nose
  Eat and enjoy the food

Respecting the concept of eating, we at “TRIPPLE A” now concentrated on; how the best quality food to serve because, we have excellent, young, dynamic team members who are experienced at different properties in best position across the global.

We do understand the prime needs of the customers eating habit. Professionals of our team always try to satisfy the customers by providing their major requirements. Pursuing this way team “TRIPPLE A” is determined serve best in the industry on our smart way.